Thursday, February 9

The Sea Inspiration

The sea 

Versace Add Campaign

Chanel Runway

Love this cluch

Photo shoot done by The Cherry Blossom Girl

The Cherry Blossom Girl 

The Cerry Blossom Girl (Miu Miu heels)

Wild Fox 

What do Versace, Chanel and Wildfox all have in common? Sea inspiration. An ongoing trend I've observed on the spring summer runway was  the majestic sea. It seems like all designers have a similar inspiration the, sea. Seen on the Versace runway was that of skirts, dresses,jackets, and bags studded in the signature Versace studs but the studs seem to make sea inspired shapes such as starfishes and shells. Also the Versace's ad campaign is shot over your typical pool with model (Gisele) looking as if she had just taken a dip in the pool. The photographs also have a deep blue tint to them which also takes part to the sea theme Versace is going for. Chanel also followed in Versace footsteps by doing a sea inspiration spring/summer runway. The runway was decorated a clean white with coral reeth accents distributed all throughout the runway. The colors used in the Chanel Runway were all colors you would see under the sea or at the beach but they were slightly more muted to meet Chanel's terms such colors were creamy whites, light blues, and bold metallics. Also Chanel did this gorgeous clutch, shaped like an cloche shell. Wildfox which I mentioned earlier in another post was inspired by the sea but in a slightly more different way they were inspired by the mythical creatures (mermaids) that dwell in the sea. I love this trend which everyone seems a part in such as blogger for The Cherry Blossom Girl who did a whole photo shoot inspired by the sea.
Enjoy!!!!!! (= 

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