Monday, February 20

Luv Aj's "Pink Lady" = Bad Ass High Schooler

Luv Aj's look book the "Pink Lady" takes place at Venice High School 

I love how model Wylie Hays roots are pink 

Obsessed with this bolo tie
Lots of Rings = My Love
Blue Nail Polish= My Love 

I fell in love when I saw accessories line Luv Aj's look book. Shot at the iconic Venice high school and featuring model Wylie Hays. It has this whole vibe of a bad girl with chunky metal accessories and boyish inspired attire. It reminds us all of when we use to be in school and we wouldn't listen to a damn thing anyone said. Ahhhhh teenage years. Some of my favourite accessories are that of the Pyramid Stud Bolo Tie featured in the 4th picture down its such a quirky unique piece featured in such a bad ass look book, I love how out of place this piece is but yet it still fits in to the whole look book. Another one of my favorite pieces happens to be all of the rings in the 5th picture down it reminds me of my self I always wear a ton of rings (so many most times I can't even move my fingers).  I love this look book it captures the bad ass high schooler in us all, I love it.  


  1. omg! Gorgeous shoot! I love the letterman jackets and boldly colored lockers :)


  2. love it all! :D

    Cindy C.

  3. Love the look, and your right her pink roots are so coool, i want that!