Saturday, February 11

The Opposite Taylor Swift

Love this February Vogue cover shoot featuring Taylor Swift. I love all of her music and I love her sense of  style (its girly and yet high end) so when I heard she was going to be on the cover of Vogue I was sooooo excited. But what lay beneath the cover was the opposite Taylor swift we all have got to know in love. She was a rocker chick, with different edgier make up, and her signature curly locks taken away from her and replaced with straight blond locks.But even though this was an opposite Taylor Swift  I still loved it, it was unexpected and surprising. I loved the cloths (especially the dress in the above picture), I loved her hair (now I want to straighten my curly locks), and I loved the whole edgier rocker chick side of Taylor. Most of the looks were featuring designer Rodarte's spring summer collection which Taylor described as "'I have never been to a show where I wanted to wear everthing'" (seems like she liked Rodarte's s/s show). The shoot also featured plenty of miu miu boots that were western but yet edgy (perfect for Taylor's vogue shoot). Well to wrap this post up I just wanted to say that this is one of my favourite vogue shoots not cause it features one of my favorite singers but because they let Taylor Swift shine in a new light, an edgier, rocker chick light. Enjoy (=.    

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