Tuesday, February 7

Tuesday Blues


feeling blue )= but nothing could stop me from loving today (even if it is a tuesday) cause my Free People catalog arrived today yaayyyyyyyyyyyy. LUV Free People it represents all things fashion and has boho loose vibe that all could relate to. That's what this catalog is about. It pinpoints the five free people girls that represent a different unique sense of style there are Meadow (which is a boho loose style famous for loose flowing skirts, then there is the Ginger girl (who represents the sexy, party girl in all of us famous for the bandage dress and 5 inch and up heels, and then there is Candy (who is the vintage romantic girl who adores lacey, preety and fairytale fabrics), there is also Molly (who is the Retro,preppy sophisticated look {imagine Alexa Chung who captures the Molly perfectally}), then lastly there is the lou who is the adventourous tomboy that we all try to hide. The Febuary catalog feutures these five girls and the clothes that go along with there unique styles. I feel as if I am an Meadow with a touch of Candy. So which girl are you?

The febuary catalog feutures model Freja Beha Erichsen who brought this awesome edgy side to the shoot.
To learn more visit http://www.freepeople.com/

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