Wednesday, February 8

"The Voice" Inspiration

I was Waching the Voice the other night. Luv that show it has the perfect judges they have such great chemistry that can be seen through there bickering over a singer. One of those singers inspired me with there super chique rocker chick style that I soooooo much loooovvvveeee. It oozed a certain sense of don't mess with me or I'll mess with you style but with a pinge of boho chique style. LOOOOOOVVVED IIIITTT. I sometimes wish that I could posess this edgy style but then I remember it is total not me but the singer (whose name I have yet to mention, its Juliet Simms by the way) mastered the style through and throughout she is a rocker chick (you can tell by her music, she has a raspsy voice perfect for rock or country) on the inside and definatally outside. This taught me that you only know that you captured your true style when it exploits what you are on the inside and what you are on the outside and it feels like an extra layer of skin you feel utterly comtarable in it! (=


Adore Simms hair (always wanted straight hair with bangs)

love her belt reminds be og the belly dancing belts 
Pictures above (as you can see she went with Ceelo Green as her mentor on the Voice)  

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