Thursday, February 9

Wildfox Goes Pink


I adore the mermaid inspired theme to this lookbook

How did they get that coch shell pink?

Luv the thermal 

Fell in love when I saw Wildfox's summer look book "Sirene",inspired by the little mermaid fairytale it takes us to a magical world of pink that I sooooooo much enjoyed, shot in Hawaii and featuring model Charlotte free it made me thirsty for the summer.  One of my favorite pieces in this lookbook is the sky blue thermal in the 2nd to last picture(I could totally imagine throwing this cozy looking thermal on a pink bathing suit with a pair of worn out cutoffs and just head on out to the beach ).Another reason my love of this thermal blossomed was for what it states ,which is, "I'm really a mermaid"it reminds me of a simpler time where I would watch the little mermaid 12 times a day and I actually believed that I was a mermaid. This is why I loved the lookbook its fun and care free and it made me fall in love with pink all over again but it also makes me want pink hair!!! (=

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